Reception of the 16th July 2013

The reception in reason to the croatian national day and to celebrate the entry of the republic of Croatia in the European Union was held on the 16th July 2013.

The 25th June 1991 went to Croatia in history as the day on which the Croatian Parliament, the Sabor , together with his two chambers declared the sovereignty and independence of the country. This act was the beginning of the detachment process of the Yugoslav central government .

On 8th October 1991 the complete independence of the Republic of Croatia was adopted. On this day the Croats celebrate there national holiday.

Added to this was the accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union on 1st July 2013.

On the occasion of these two important days a formal reception was given at the consulate in Dresden, Saxony.

It started with the intake at 18:30 o' clock. Besides the opportunity to make conversation and the establishment of contacts a small snack was prepared and there has been provided some croatian specialties. As a special guest of honor we welcomed Prof. Dr. Rainer Lindner, managing director of the East - Committee of the German economy.

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